The Dogecraft rules are applicable to all players and staff. That being said, it is in your best interest to keep these rules in mind as you enjoy Dogecraft. If anyone violates any of these rules, please feel free to reach out to our staff team or our founders/managers. These expectations and policies are to be withheld by all to keep Dogecraft an equal and fair community. Breaking rules will result in punishments.

1. General Chat Rules

1a) Respect all players and staff members.
2a) Make sure to listen to staff. Rules are a guideline for players and the punishment can be decided by the staff.
3a) Swearing is allowed as long as it's not excessive or directed at anyone.
4a) No roleplaying in the main chat. You may use /msg or /local. Any type of sexual talk is to be kept out of the main chat.
5a) Bullying/racism/mentioning suicide/mocking mental conditions WILL NOT be tolerated. (Saying the n-word in chat will result in a permanent ban, no exceptions.)
6a) No advertising (websites, youtube, servers).
7a) No spamming (Spamming also includes participating or clearly trying to initiate spam).
8a) Please do not intentionally give players false/fake information. (Ex. Alt+F4.)
9a) If someone has /ignored you, do not use discord to talk to them through the global chat channel. If you have been muted and you talk through the discord this is mute evasion and will result in a ban.
10a) If you have issues with another player, please contact a staff member via the ticket system or ingame. DO NOT contact the other player outside of Minecraft. Harassment is not tolerated.
11a) English only in the main chat. You may use /msg or /local to speak in other languages.

2. General Rules

1b) Duping, collaborating with a duper, or accepting items from a duper is a permanent ban. This includes TNT duping, which is also not allowed.
2b) Report glitches you find to staff. DO NOT ABUSE them.
3b) Report issues to STAFF. DO NOT take matters into your own hands and create unnecessary confusion
4b) No ridiculous pricing of items in any market or auction house.
5b) No pretending to be using hacks and/or mentioning it in chat.
6b) No offensive names/skins. If a staff member deems your name/skin offensive, you will be banned until you have changed to something more appropriate. Please create a ban appeal once your name/skin has been changed.
7b) Please avoid naming items to a name that violates the general chat rules.
8b) No exchange of goods that are not available via the Dogecraft store. (Ex. selling a residence to someone for actual money)
9b) Do not create any kind of trap that could kill a player, regardless of intent.
10b) Stealing from players' claims is NOT allowed.
11b) Scamming is NOT allowed.
12b) Do not stalk/harass other players in-game or in discord.
13b) Do not surround a residence with your residence. (Ex. claiming around someone else's claim to prevent them from expanding their claim.)
14b) The only items allowed in off-hand for a job boost are Exp/Money/Boost rings using any other item in the offhand will result in a job reset, money reset and ban (this is a rule until putting job specific items in offhand is disabled)

3. Inactivity/AFK

1c) Idling in general is allowed
2c) AFK farming is allowed as long as mobs are not involved and/or not affecting job levels. (ex. auto fishing/dog grinders)

4. Automation/Farms

1d) Auto-clickers are discouraged although permitted as long as you are able to respond to staff if/when they message you. They do this to see if you are currently at your computer. (Failure to reply will lead to a job reset and a ban)
2d) Automated farms such as iron golem farms and auto smelters are permitted. 3d) Redstone clocks are allowed provided they don't cause lag.
4d) No lag machines or excessive redstone. If staff deems your machine/build to be lagging the server or deem it to be against the rules please dismantle it asap. It will be removed if it is causing major server issues. Intentionally trying to lag or crash the server will result in a permanent ban.
5d) If you're expecting to AFK for a long time, please move to spawn. If you don't, expect to be moved there after about three hours.

5. Alternate Accounts

1e) Do not use more than 3 accounts on the server.
2e) Free accounts - please understand that these are against Mojang's rules. If you are on a free account you might lose access to that account. This is not OUR problem.
3e) If your main account is banned and you use an alt, that is ban evasion and will result in a permanent ban.

6. Mods/Hack Clients/Texture Packs

1f) No mods or texture packs that provide an unfair advantageous position over other players. (Ex. x-ray, reach, no knockback, etc.)
(If you have questions about particular ones please ask a staff member before using it)


1g) When a staff member enacts a punishment on a player it is on their own discretion. 2g) DO NOT ask to be staff in chat but rather apply for the position.
3g) When trying to contact staff, go from Intern > Helper > Moderator > Admin > Founder.

8. Punishment Guidelines

WARNINGS: These carry over a span of seven days. More warnings will automatically equal harder punishments.

TEMPBANS: Temporary bans are given out and determined in length by our rules.

MUTES: This is usually due to chat rule violations and is up to the staff member to decide how long it lasts depending on your violation.

PERMABANS: Indefinite. If you feel like you were unfairly permabanned please appeal on the forums.

Thank you for helping to make Dogecraft an enjoyable community for all!