🤖 Useful Commands


/spawn - Teleport to spawn. /warps - Open warps GUI /tpa - Request to teleport to the specified player /tpahere - Request the specified player to teleport to you. /rtp - Opens random teleport GUI. Spawns you in a random place in the resource or main world.


/msg - Send a private message to the specified player. /msg - Toggles private chat mode, whilst activated all messages sent in chat will be privately messaged to the specified player. /mail send - Sends a private message to the specified player’s inbox, these messages can also be sent to offline players. /ignore - Ignores the specified player, whilst a player is ignored, you will not see their messages in chat. This can be toggled by typing the command again. /lc - Toggles the local chat channel, whilst in this channel you can only speak to players that are nearby (within 300 blocks).


/cshop create - Creates a chestshop for the item you’re holding. /cshop remove - Removes a chest shop. /cshop info - Shows you information about a shop, such as price and what the shop is selling.


/homes - Lists all of your homes. /sethome - Sets a home with the specified name. /delhome - Removes a home with the specified name. /home - Teleport to the specified home.


/donatepls - Displays a link to the donation store. /rules - Displays a link to the rules. /discord - Displays our Discord invite link. /website - Displays our website link.


/balance (or /money, /bal) - Displays how much money you have. You may also specify a player to look at their balance. /balancetop (or /baltop) - Displays the balance leaderboard. /pay - Pays the specified amount of money to the specified player. /ah - Access the auction house, where users can buy or sell items. /ah sell - Sell the item in your hand on the auction house.


/res help - Displays information about residence commands /res create - Creates a residence after selecting an area with the land protector tool. Please note that you cannot include spaces or most symbols in residence names. /res tpset - Sets the location at which people will appear when teleporting to your residence. /res list - List all of your residences, may include ones that you have permission to do things in. You can also specify a player to look at their residences. /res listall - List all residences on the server. /res padd - Sets basic flags to true for the specified player in your residence, allowing them to build and interact with your claim. /res pdel - Sets basic flags to remove for the specified player in your residence. This removes their ability to build and interact with your claim. /res info - Brings up information on the residence you’ve specified. Information includes (but is not limited to) the owner of the claim, people who are added, and the size of the residence. /res set - Sets general flags for your residence. Changing general flags will apply to all players who access your residence. /res pset - Sets flags that will apply to a specific player. For example, if you set “move” to false for a particular player they will not be able to move in your claim whilst others can. /res limits - Shows information on your claim limitations. /res message - Manage residence leave and enter messages. /res flags - Lists all toggleable flags and gives useful information on each one. /res tp - Teleports you to the specified residence, if you have access. /res shop - Displays residence shop commands. /res remove - Removes the claim specified, you will be asked to confirm this before deletion. /res rename - Renames a residence /res show - Displays particles around the border of your residence, useful for figuring out the size of your claim. /res give - Gives your residence to another player, the other user must be online to accept. /res unstuck - If stuck in a claim, this command will free you. /res bank - View banking commands for residence, must have the “bank” flag set to true for yourself. (/res pset bank true) /res mirror - Mirrors the flags of the source residence to the target residence. Useful for setting up large areas that require multiple claims.


/effects - Access the effects menu, in which you can toggle effects obtained via levelling up jobs. /craft Requires: LvL 50 Woodcutter - Opens a portable crafting menu. /xpbottle Requires: LvL 50 Hunter -. Allows you to store experience points in a bottle. This is useful for players who want to give exp to other players. /regenerate Requires: LvL 100 Hunter - Instantly heals you and removes potion effects. This command has a five minute cooldown. /hdb Requires: LvL 200 Builder - Access the head database, which contains a variety of playerheads that can be used as decoration.


/helpop - Sends a message to the staff on your current server. /disguise - Disguise as the specified entity, most disguises are unlocked through participating in events or are a part of donor rank perks.