Advertising in chat

  • can we add to the advertising rule to include advertising for your shop, there's a lot of people with copy paste messages telling people to tp to their shop for great deals and it clutters chat especially when theres a larger amount of people on.

  • Not that I disagree, but a lot of times that's more of a problem for other reasons. A few days ago, there was a guy spamming chat with /res tps to his trading post or shop or whatever, and both tps were just fall traps meant to kill anyone who took them. He got warned (I think) by an admin but that's about it.

  • I think it would make the most sense to just have a "Shop" channel in the Discord where people can post the location, res tp information, and stock of their shop.

    Sidesteps the advertising issue and also gets word out about shops for people.

    Preferably one post per shop so posts don't get drowned there too.

  • @arquiusGuy Well it sort of already exists within the trading channel.

  • as long as its not spamming chat to much it is good, if people just keep pasting it every minute they will be warned.

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