(AFK) text next to the nick in TAB

  • So, ive been calling Nim54321 for help on the chat for like 10 minutes, but he isnt responding so, obviusly, he is afk, it would be nice if someone is afk by just opening the tab. The text next to your nick would show up whenever u are afking (so the /afk commandd runs automaticly after some time) or if u use /afk command... Ive done my concept how would it look, but of course it would be done with minecraft font 😛 ive done this one in loke 5 seconds in the paint, its just to show what i mean 🐷 hope u will add this feature coz it would be rly usefull :D!0_1544124600117_afk.png

  • Staff

    Not a bad idea, though wouldn't it be obvious if they weren't there anyway?

  • @Flioghty yeah, u are right

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