SayMaybe's Staff Application

  • Age:
    Minecraft Username:
    Discord Username (ID):
    EET (Latvia)
    Do you have access to discord and a working microphone?
    Yes, I do.
    Do you have screenshotting software such as Gyazo, Lightshot, Imgur?
    Yes, I use Lightshot and sometimes for GIFs I use Gyazo.
    Do you have the ability to record Minecraft videos?
    Yes, I have recorded some hackers on Dogecraft
    Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)?
    I speak English, Latvian and a bit of Russian.
    How much time do you have to contribute to the role?
    I can contribute at least 1 - 5 hours daily to the role which would be
    What is encouraging you to become a Helper on DogeCraft?
    I am getting encouraged by the fact that I was a staff member once and I'd love to be one again, so I can use my skills which I have acquired over time in the game I have been playing for over 4 years
    Why should we choose you over other applicants?
    I am experienced, I have a good knowledge of rules and I know how to control my emotions. I also have had a server where I would configure certain plugins so they'd work my way.
    Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so please include details.
    I have only been banned multiple times on previous server I was staff on. My first ban was for Fly Hacking, it was a false ban because I kept toggling /fly on and off and when I toggled it off I took fall damage which made the Moderator of the server suspect me of using fly hacks and falsely banning me but I pmed the server owner about the details and I got unbanned. My second and last ban was me getting blacklisted because there was favoritism happening in the staff team where the Admin was dating a player from that server and she became staff days went, she got promoted to Helper, JrMod. I could not deal with that and I left the team which made my other friends, also staff quit as well. That lead into at least 10 staff members getting blacklisted from the server, permanently.
    Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn? (Can be anything)
    I made a mistake by letting an opponent pass me and score a goal, I was very disappointed so were my teammates because we were tied 1-1. We asked the referee for an overtime, so we could make a plan to score one goal and win the game. I couldn't let my teammates down and I put myself together to defend our goal which was a success. We scored the goal we put together. I learned that focus is the main key of success, if you are not focused, you might make mistakes which would lead into problems.
    If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?
    I have started to learn making music, sometimes I play other games, Counter-Strike, ROBLOX, Clash Of Clans. I frequently go out with my fams, we do some sports and then we sometimes game.
    Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience?
    I have been staff on a quite big cracked network (minimum of 400 players at night, peek of 1.5k players at day) about 8 months ago for almost 2 years. I started as a trial on that community with no experience of being a staff member but over the months I got trained to ScreenShare via, anydesk and other ScreenShare tools. I have trained my experience of being calm, mature, patient because it had factions, which meant being calm is quite an important step of not getting demoted but promoted. I was banning at a minimum of 10 players for hacking daily, which means I have a good knowledge of hacks. I left that server because of favoritism in the staff team and lack of communication from the core. In real life, I am apart of the student council which means I have to manage events, which requires focus in workdays. I became a member of the student council this year because last year I was not confident enough that I could make it in there but this year I was confident enough and I made it. Now that I am apart of it I have learned that it's essential to listen to other people opinions, work together as a team and obviously be united like a family.
    What would help to keep you most motivated within a staff team?
    I'd feel motivated if the staff team was united like a family which would lead to good team chemistry. Dream team makes the dream work.

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