OliPoli's Ban Appeal

  • (The following appeal is a copy and paste, the player had difficulties logging on forums to be able to post.)

    What is your in-game name? OliPoli
    What date were you banned? - 2018 - 11 - 26
    Who banned you? - oneritzywillow
    Why were you banned?- xrayin'
    Why do you want to be unbanned? - Ive been playing for this server for like 6 - 7 days, and i rly liked it. when ive found some blaze spawners and putted them in my res on blaze farm (/res tp blazes) i needed more blaze spawners. so i decided to try how x-ray works, ive downloaded it, turned it on and mined a lot of diamonds in my mine with eff 5 pickaxe and haste II, that was easy profit for me coz i was sellng all the diamonds to Iholz shop (/as tp shop112), after some time i decided to stop doing this coz it wasnt right and i stopped anjoyng the server by doing this, i was running trough the cave on some random place at /resource and i heard zombies or skeles, i dont remember which spawner it was. Ive made a hole in wall of mossy stone and, putted /home zombie here and ive called someone to brake the spawner for me coz i didnt have silk spawners, i dont remember who was it, when i got this spawner, i made a break from playin and go outside. when i came back i wrote /home and ive seen zombie so i was like oh, i didnt mine this one, lets call ppsucy to break it for me, i tped him and there was no spawner (coz ive broke it obviously xd) and there was a 1x1 hole on the top, ppsucy was like em, oli what the fuck? so i said that i didnt make it and i came here by this cave, then then ive blocked out this 1x1 hole, i think u cna still check that ive placed some blocks and then the staff arrived, and i got banned.
    Then Luna ( i dont remember his exact name on mincraft but on discord its LunaTheLoser) asked my why i did cheat, i said everything that i wrote up there and i said that even now im on clear optifine and he checked me and he said that im legit. (screenshot link - (ive screenshared him))

    So yeah, i was xraying, that was 100% my fault and i shouldnt do that, ive got banned (i think) for mining to this spawner on xray, but i didnt do that, but that doesnt matter anyways, ive just rly enjoyed that server and would love to play on it again, i dont need an instant unban, i could take some break and just get unbanned like 1 week from now.
    Provide a screenshot that is presented when trying to login to DogeCraft - !

  • Yo my in game name isnt OliPoli its OliPoli

  • I cant write it 😛 its
    _OliPoli_ here is a photo of my nick

  • @_OliPoli_ hey genius he wrote like you said xD its corsive

  • @BearThatRun Do you mean italics? And it's spelled cursive.
    If you want to put underscores around a word, you have to use an escape command, like this: \_. So for his name, you have to type "\_OliPoli\_", and you get _OliPoli_.

  • Yeah, ik

  • @BearThatRun

    Dont call me genius coz i know that he wrote like i wanted coz its my text, its just curved a little so staff could think that my nick is OliPoli when it isnt

  • Using x-ray again will next time leave you without an unban.

  • @Niko302 tysm ♥️ i had an lesson, now i wont do that

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