Ban Appeal

  • My ingame name is bartholomheow, was banned on 10/02/20 by helper red_man234, because i was supposedly using killaura. I think it's unjust to be falsely accused, when I have never had any cheats. I absolutely think that the speed i used while killing blades was totally feasable for a player, In fact I encourage anyone to try and repeat it, you just have to wait for a sufficient number of blazes to spawn and keep the pace (it's not that hard with that many blazes). You can also see, in the video used for my conviction (, that many of my hits missed, and are not perfect like those of a program. The helper told me the "strangest" parts are those from 6:10 to 6:30, that was when i picked up a good pace, you can clearly see some seconds before that (e. g. 5.50, but if you watch closely you can see many mistakes), that I actually missed many hits.

  • Admin

    Use Proper appeal format found here

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