Bad joke

  • What is your in-game name?
    What date were you banned?
    Who banned you?
    Why were you banned?
    Asked if the guy said Naggers (South Park joke)
    Why do you want to be unbanned?
    I'm a paying user?
    Provide a screenshot that is presented when trying to login to DogeCraft

  • Admin

    Rule 6: Do NOT use the “n” word. This is a PERMABAN. Aimed at someone or not. Circumventing/misspelling/naming items ALSO results in PermaBan. Usage of slurs or speaking in a racist way will get you banned

    You where reading the chat as we here telling other people not to use the N word and you still used the quote.
    Also “I’m a paying user“ doesn’t get you around the rules
    You may re-appeal in 2 week

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