Skin Contest

  • Skree hosted a skin contest in the creative server yesterday, which I thouroughly enjoyed. Skins are a great way to express creativity and personality, and I feel we should celebrate this more.

    Could we make this an official regular event? I have a list of suggestions for this sort of thing:

    • A set date and time every month and a theme to follow, so players may get ready/design their skins accordingly.

    • A venue with a stage, catwalk, podium etc. Available for the public to explore, view other contestants etc.

    • Voting to be scored by audience opinion. Audience stands in the green/red zone and are counted for points. Alternative: audience holds diamond in hand amd are visually counted.

    • Alternative: decision is made by three judges consisting of previous winner and two nominated players.

    • Winner gets to choose the next theme, which is recorded and displayed at the venue for all to see.

    • Golden Helmet labelled "Beauty Pagent Crown Jan20" which has no benefits other than bragging rights.

    • If possible, a museum containing the winning skins

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