My First Impressions....

  • Hi to everyone that reads this! Today was my first day on the server and my initial thoughts were mixed. I joined the slimefun survival because that was why I joined in the first place. Structure wise, it was enjoyable and so were the mechanics. I noticed that chat was heavily monetized and it seemed like you had to walk on eggshells around the staff members. After playing for about 15 minutes I decided to chat with the others. I made a joke saying "guys I'm poor, donate me money and i'll love you <3" The staff did not like that and quickly warned me saying that I was "begging," nowhere in the rules does it say against begging. I also do not see that as begging. Begging to me is repeatedly asking for something and possibly using the word please and while being annoying. Also because I was warned, another player mentioned that a Karen was here and the staff did not seem to like that and asked who they believed was being a Karen. Uptight staff like this make a server unenjoyable. I really wanted to like the server and play on it but the interaction that I had put a sour taste in my mouth. I was even warned immediately and all I was told to was "stop begging" and then boom, a warning. I was warned for something not mentioned in the rules and I even asked in chat why I was warned because begging is not mentioned in the rules, and I was ignored. I even mentioned again that my question was not answered, and I was still ignored. This was just my first impression and in all honesty, I do not wish to go back if this interaction or interactions similar to this is going to happen constantly. I hope my constructive criticism can help the staff and server grow as a whole ❤

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    The warning came after the “no u” comment 😕 screen shot

    From what I see it was a verbal warning and then you threw sas back

    And Karen’s man don’t even get me started

    Warns are only active on your player account for 7 days

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    "I hope my constructive criticism"
    Nothing about what you said was really constructive criticism. All you did was basically moan and groan about how you got warned. If you want to give constructive criticism, you give ideas to help the server instead of whining about a warning.

  • Speaking as a nonstaff freebie, I have seen many previous players who tried to gain attention towards themselves by exclaiming how poor they were. At first our initial reaction was pity, but when you feed seagulls, they always come back for more.
    Eventually we had to deal with spammers who felt entitled enough to beg for endgame weaponry, as well as newbies who ask for free torches because they are too lazy to learn how to make them. As a result of these incidents, the community has a very low tolerance for people who waste chat space in this manner. There may not be a rule against begging yet, but there is certainly a rule that says to stop when staff tell you to.
    In the end, I would consider it lucky that you got off with a warning rather than a tempmute. It is the impression that others have of you which is more relevant than the impression you get from any community.

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    I do not tolerate harrassment very well, but to be perfectly honest what you did and claim to have done are so far from each other. Please take another look at your own advise for being constructive and find out why doing some of the actions you did caused you to get into trouble. As a word of caution many of the people I know will not open up to help someone who begins their existance on a server in a negative sense.

  • Tbh, i didnt think you gave out instant warns for asking for money either.. but what do i know. although alot of what he is saying i agree on

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