Fast Travel in Creative

  • Just wondering if there is a method to teleport around Creative similar to a /res tp, that would allow the public to explore the builds by address (in a tourist-like manner) rather than stumble upon good builds by accident.
    I noticed that /plot visit only works if you either own the plot or you have been invited to build there by the owner, and /tpa requires at least one player to be at the plot already, which is inconvenient.

  • /plot visit is the only one i believe?

  • Admin

    Plot visit is the only one, I'm pretty sure but for some reason no one has access to plots.visit.other, so this makes fast travel pretty much impossible unless it's added to everyone's permissions.

  • Would it be possible to do something like a toggle which would allow people to /plot visit by default?
    The privacy setting could be changed later by the plot owner.
    The further away the plots are from spawn, the more necessary it will be for people to teleport to their destination. It wouldn't be much of a Creative server if people cannot visit builds other than their own.

  • Also, there really should be an easier way to teleport, using the plot-sized coordinates already available.
    Typing /plot visit (owner name) (build number) will get very tedious down the line.

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