Ability to decorate rented shop in /shop

  • Dont get me wrong, they look rather nice, i just find the most enjoyable part of creating shops to make them stand out and then manage them.
    For the cheaper rented shops it would be nice to be able to decorate the interior as opposed to the more expensive where you can build everything. Opening up for some vairety and things to look at.

  • Well the point of the rented shops, imo, is for newer people to have a place to sell things without investing too much money or time into it. Plus, if you stop renting, it's not a lot of work for someone new to move in and start fresh. If you want the personal touch, that's what buying a plot is for.
    However, maybe (since there are plenty of vacant rent-shops), there could be a more expensive version of the rent-shops that allow for minor customization. So instead of $100, it'd run maybe $125-150, and you can place blocks or add decor, but not be able to destroy what's already placed by default.

  • @Jarmen4u
    I mostly agree that their point is to give newer players a place to sell without too mutch investment. I think that youre right in their use, but as you say there are plenty of vacants, so i think that maby encuraging players that have played a little longer to use them would be a good thing. I like the idea of a more expensive version in that regard since it fits the increase in income as one gets familiar with jobs.

    Maby there could be a reset of a shop after the renting runs out, since i remember still having to clean up the contents of the chests when i rented one.
    Bonemeal, blazerods and saplings with random blocks, it was like a personal storage unit rather than a shop. (but that might just be me bieng unlucky)

  • Well considering that Blazerods are basically worthless on this server due to the XP farm, there's almost always a chest full in every abandoned rental I've seen. Honestly, it's like real life: 9/10 businesses fail, so 9/10 shops fail as well, either due to people leaving the server, or fixating for a few days and never logging back in.
    I'm sure there are more than a few ideas on this topic worth kicking around, we just need more people around to talk about them.

  • Renting a shop is like renting a place. Your not suppose to tamper with things. But if u own a custom shop then do whatever you want