My balance was forcibly reduced in Survival?

  • I've been away for a little while. Last log in: Dec 23rd. Not even a month. My balance dropped from 17 mil to 1 mil.
    Out of curiosity I checked all of my shops/inventory, the math doesn't add up. I didn't have 16 million dollars worth of "new" inventory.

    The only thing that makes sense is that the mod/admin team reduced my balance intentionally. To be honest it's actually kind of funny. Very ridiculous though.

    Whatever floats your boat though.

  • Helper

    We've been having balance problems.

  • Admin

    @Benz @niko I’m the support channel I lost my bal cus of a plug-in issue he can fix it

    Mod/admins can’t even touch your money so don’t be blaming me : /

  • Admin

    Yup, we literally can’t. Especially when you’re offline. This was probably caused by an issue that happened previously as others had said.

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