Upgrading Weapons/Tools/Equipment for slimefun

  • I was thinking of a cool concept that I think would be really coolon slimefun
    What if we had special tools given to every job that started at lvl 1 but as you lvled up your job the tool/weapon/armour piece would upgrade also until it was maxed like the sword for hunter max would be like sweeping edge 3 sharp 5 unbreaking 3 at like level 50 or whatever and you trade equipment upgrade points with other people for items

  • Helper

    The only problem with that is the whole Disenchanter and Auto Enchanter. If the items got to a point where it's amazingly good, you'd have an amazingly op pickaxe/sword/axe/anything.

  • Yeah but It would eventually stop like at max level weapon
    So like once It got say sharp 6 sweeping 3 and unbreaking 5 it wouldnt do anything else and you coudnt enchant/disenchant it
    and the level to get there could be like 50 - 100 I guess
    except with ce's

  • There is an addon in slimefun called tinkerer tools, that allows items when used to gain random stats, they aren't op but they do level with person and wouldn't be to difficult to add in if they wished it. So say as a new player you crafted them, you could make a tool, like stone or iron and as you use it it levels with you.

  • Ye that would be cool also. so like would the tools or weapons get diff perks

  • @OGKWolf You can always blacklist those tools in anvil/enchanting tables/machines

  • Yes you could then that wouldn't be a problem 😛

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