Dynamap for Creative

  • Having a dynamap for Creative would provide the following benefits:

    • Players can easily see unclaimed plots by their stone outline and grassy area
    • Players can identify which plots are being/already built and can come visit these builds, boosting tourism.
    • If plots are displayed like residences in the other maps, players will be able to know the owner of the plot, amongst other details, by hovering over the plot on the map
    • The grid appearance on the map would help with navigation and plot addresses much better than an in-game map
    • Staff can monitor the map without having to be online, and may theoretically be able to identify problematic builds faster due to their peculiar shape on the map:
      • redstone contraptions can be spotted by their components, such as repeaters and powered tracks
      • worldedited skyscrapers would look like a solid colour on the map with little to no decorations
      • assuming that shadows are visible on the dynamap, even transparent worldedited skyscrapers would change the brightness level of regular grass
      • any offensive imagery would more likely be drawn flat on the grass and therefore be easily visible on a map
      • any text drawn vertically would usually be one block thick with irregular spacing
      • giant phalluses aren't complete without two spheres
    • Knowing where builds are would make it easier for fast travel so empty plots can be skipped over when travelling.
    • Knowing the space limits of the Creative map would help in mitigating overplotting, or at least provide a visual representation of claimed plot ratios.
    • Pixel art

  • The only con I can think of is if the staff happen to be building a massive secret event area in Creative right now, then the rest of us will know for sure. Probably a good idea to wait until that's done first.

    If there are any other cons we should know about, please reply!

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