Slimefun Spawn Anvils

  • With the implementation of slime fun, I believe the allowing slime fun tools to be easily fixed with money at the spawn anvil makes it a little too easy and skipping an important mechanic baked into slime fun it's self. In addition due to the perks of using the various slime fun machines, making a rather efficient slime fun tool is pretty easy.

    In essence, allowing slime fun tools to be fixed using the spawn anvil makes the tools themselves a little too op. Thus should be disabled for SF tools or disabled altogether. This would still allow players to use the anvil mechanics in slime fun itself.

  • Admin

    I personally like it

  • i really dont care too much, its basically the same priciple as /fix tbh.
    for me personally i feel as though it should stay, whether or not you use it yourself is up to you.

  • eh I agree with encro /fix and /fix all are legit the same thing so there would still be a way and I actually bought engineer so I could have 50 pv's and fix all so you couldn't remove fixall as people have paid for it.

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