Redstone in Creative

  • Just wondering what is the staff's position on enabling redstone in Creative, in particular the use of command blocks. (If yes then when can we expect it, if no then for what reason?)

    A lot of my build ideas involve either a music circuit, piston transformation or using the /clone command for animated builds. I want to know whether I can start building the circuits now, and then activate them later when redstone use is enabled.

    I am aware that certain builds such as slime vehicles and redstone clocks would cause lag or grief upon other plots, and that while I will avoid building lag-inducing circuits, the same can't be said for everyone.
    So I understand if the staff is temporarily withholding redstone use whilst they determine a method for dealing with these types of builds.

  • Admin

    It'd pose a huge security risk:

    I'm pretty sure you can execute any command with them, and you also require operator to actually use them.

  • So command blocks are a definite no, what about the rest of the redstone components? Can we expect those to be enabled in the future?

  • Admin

    Hard to tell, if we actually do allow redstone components to be used people could make lag machines, so they'd have to be severely restricted.

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