Job add-on

  • Builder still doesn't get paid for colored wool(16 colors), colored glass(16 colors), colored terracotta(plain terracotta glazed is paid 17 colors counting base), or concrete colored powder (16 colored powder)at all (also laterns no pay for placing either). Would also like to add on crafter as it is right now isn't much of a job as it only has 5 pages of transaction when there at least 10 pages of craftable, created items they could get paid for ex: blast furnaces, smoker, cartography table, fletching table, barrels, scaffold, campfires, baked potato, jack o laterns, colored beds, all colors of banners, composter, smithing table, loom, stone cutter, lecturn, and lanterns (1.14 ones).

  • thank you very much for the list 🙂 I think encro might have beat you to the punch as we were going over the file the other day xD but still good to double check that we got everything listed ^^ might take a little bit to implement but hopefully soon :3

  • Have implemented all the blocks, awaiting Nikos approval... As Soon as lady sends Niko the file.

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