New groupchat feature

  • So I decided to write a plugin that offers players to create groups in which you can easily communicate with other members across the servers.
    Everyone has the ability to create 1x group and invite unlimited other players/friends.


    How to create your first group and start chatting with your friends in that group ?

    • /gchat create <group_name> - Create your group
    • /gchat invite <player_name> - Invite your friend
    • /gchat chat <group_name> - Toggle the group in which you want to talk

    How to quickly chat in group ?

    There are multiple ways to start chatting in a group

    1. Use the command /gchat chat <group_name>
    2. Use the command /gchat list + click the [chat] text to toggle that group
    3. Click on the message that somebody has written in that group to toggle the chat
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