uh.. for the staff team?

  • Hi! Just thought I'd create this to publicly post how much i appreciate our staff team, this is mostly relating to the recent events, I'd just like to say thank you so much to, Skree, Wolfie, and Pustinek for handling the situation so well, and thank you to the rest of the staff team, especially Lady, The manager, for keeping doge in check! and The Architect team for building the amazing builds we see daily on dogecraft

    to our interns, Thank you for training to put up with us, we greatly appreciate it, and helpers thanks for .. helping! Mods, thank you all for spying on us and yeeting the xrayers! (With your yeeting sticks), And thank you to our lovely admins, we love you lots, thank you Niko and Pusti for being wonderful founders! Thank you to the entire staff team for keeping the server amazing! Love Drom

    (and thank you to the community for uh being such a lovely and welcoming to all community)

  • i agree at lvls of agreement that are imeasurable

  • Also am sorry for making truble have a great day drom!

  • This is adorable. And I fully agree, the amount of effort staff puts in keeping this server fun is amazing! I've been playing on this server for about three months now, and I've met so many wonderful people :)) All thanks to you guys keeping everyone in check. Many thankies and stay awesome 😊

  • -after many days of staring at my screen and programming- T-T we love you too drom T-----T -i needed this thank you-

  • @LadyAnime Hey Lady I Wana Thank You Personally Becuse Your An Great Staff/Friend Thanks For All The Support And Help!

  • Helper

    Just wanted to say that i completely agree with Drom on this!! the staff team on here are amazing, and are doing an incredible job at keeping the server amazing!! this server would not be anywhere as great of a server without such an amazing staff, whom are so to say allways ready to help if anything is wrong! even if no staff are online as you have a problem, you can at any time send a message in discord under #support, and get the help you need within minutes! and this is such a great experience for us, the players!

    so yea drom! i love that you posted this, as im sure many of us agree with you! and to the staff, thanks for being amazing!! this would not be the same without you guys! know that you help us have an amazing time every time we join the server, and that you are valued!

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