Having login trouble...

  • Hey guys, I've just experienced an issue. Every time I try to log into dogecraft, the following message appears and it kicks me right back from the server list.
    Screenshot (3).png
    My wifi is working fine, and I can connect to other servers, but this happens every time I try to log in. Restarting the launcher or the computer does nothing. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

  • Admin

    @jelliot slimefun is down right now and we are waiting niko to wake up to restart sadly we can’t pull you out of the slimefun niko should be up in a few hrs very sorry

  • So basically like the time Survival was down and only those who were on Skyblock at the time (only me) were able to continue playing until Survival restarted.
    If you were on Survival or Creative at the time of Slimefun shutting down, you can still play on.

  • I was able to jump into the Lobby by connecting to My other saved server points to, so you may be able to work it out by switching from one to the other.

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