Water in Creative

  • Water acts very strangely in Creative, and I would like it returned to normal

    • When placed for the first time,the water flows normally, but the flow doesn't change when blocks are added bemeath the flow. Instead the flow stops at the block.
    • If said block were removed, the water still doesn't update to flow downwards again, resulting in floating water blocks.
    • The only way to remove water blocks is to replace the entire waterfall, because removing the source block doesn't do anything to the rest of the water. Using sponge blocks hss the same effect.

    The same issue has been observed when removing vines and the bottom of scaffolds, the rest of the structures are not affected. This issue may also have affected gravity blocks and multiblock plants.

  • Helper

    @VietnameeGuy Just a way to help you, you can use worldedit and "//replace water air" for the water blocks you need to remove, instead of manually replacing them

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