Signage in Lobby about Slimefun

  • I have noticed that many players who have entered Slimefun have not yet been to the Survival server, and some are even new to Minecraft itself. As a direct result of this, they have no idea of the Mcmmo plugin that exists in both servers, and being overwhelmed by the prospect of having to learn how both plugins affect the gameplay, they end up begging for help instead, which is a burden to the veterans of Survival who are just starting up in Slimefun themselves. New players also have to be told that in order to even begin on Slimefun, one has to play Survival-style first to gain all the necessary materials for their first dispenser.
    I suggest putting up a sign in the lobby, both at the portal and in the handheld GUI, that says Slimefun is "Recommended for experienced players", and that Survival is "A great place to start".
    By doing this, we would hope to expect:

    • Players don't ask on Slimefun about Mcmmo features (especially land-claiming) because they already learned about it by playing Survival
    • Players know to expect Slimefun to be an advanced form of Survival with more features to have to learn about, so knowing how to play Survival is a necessity
    • New players repopulate the Survival server, which is already dying due to the veterans moving to Slimefun
    • Veterans are encouraged to return to the Survival server every once in a while to restock their shops for the new players
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