Ban Appeal

  • BloodHawk27
    Xray (Apparently)
    I don't feel my ban was fair. I wasn't Xraying... I don't even know what that means... lol. I was just mining around and right when I fianally found some diamonds some random person banned me... I really enjoy this server so I would love to be unbanned. I'll try not to do anything bad again, but again, I don't know what I did wrong.
    Sorry, I can't do a screenshot... I dunno how to. It just says:
    Failed to connect to the server
    Reason>> Xray
    staff>> flioghty

  • Admin

    Judging from your mines, it was easy to come to the conclusion you were xraying. I'll come back to you with some screenshots momentarily.

  • Admin

    Basically, while watching you, you suspiciously changed directions and suddenly got to diamonds.
    If you'd like a video of the mine, DM me on Discord.

    8_1543090564230_2018-11-24_20.15.01.png 7_1543090564230_2018-11-24_20.14.53.png 6_1543090564230_2018-11-24_20.14.48.png 5_1543090564230_2018-11-24_20.14.39.png 4_1543090564230_2018-11-24_20.14.35.png 3_1543090564230_2018-11-24_20.14.31.png 2_1543090564230_2018-11-24_20.14.23.png 1_1543090564230_2018-11-24_20.14.23 - Copy.png 0_1543090564211_2018-11-24_20.14.14.png