Shovel for grass paths?

  • Is it possible to have certain shovels not work with the "giga drill breaker"? I've been building roads for a while, and it is a nuisance when building a grass path or doing precise work with a shovel for road grading, when suddenly excessive amounts of dirt are dug by accident due to right clicking for a grass path.
    Also, having the chat be spammed with "you cannot use that right now, you are too tired" gets somewhat annoying.

  • As a lumberjack, I get the exact opposite problem with axes. When I right click to activate the Tree Feller effect, the log is stripped as part of the axe's right click effect, and the resulting stripped wood takes up an extra inventory slot, which I really dislike.
    I still have no idea how to activate the herbalist effect, I just know it's got something to do with the hoe's right click, but I can't tell because it just turns grass into farmland.
    The real problem is that the job effect and the tool effect use the same right click to activate. It would be best if there were a different way to start up the job effects, because I hate activating beserker every time I accidentally punch the air whilst pulling a lever.

  • Helper

    If you hold something in your off-hand, such as food, you won't be able to use the Mcmmo effects unless you right click while crouching.

  • @OGKWolf That's actually a pretty good workaround. Best to use my offhand to hold onto something I cannot use right click with, like a stick or something.

  • for axes at least - you can right click to active treefeller before actually cutting any logs so just right click while looking into the air. 🙂 this will prevent stripping logs ( which I also hate lol ). it would be cool if we could toggle cause I do it a lot with beserker while harvesting plants etc

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