Dogecraft Prison

  • I just had a strange, very crazy idea in regards to dealing with offenders, and I was curious to know whether such an idea were feasible.
    There are a certain category of players who have joined our server in the past with the sole intention of trying to get themselves banned (I will call them banseekers). The things that they do include excessive hacking, death spamming, very antisocial chatting (especially the n-bomb) and of course advertising other servers as soon as they arrive.
    For the special cases where players have explicitly stated that they do this for the thrill of getting banned, we have had /res such as Encro's obsidian prison and Rocko's interrogation box, where players are imprisoned instead of getting banned, in which case they may eventually leave on their own. I find this to be ironically good, because it means we do not give the terrorists (banseekers) what they want.
    On the other side of the coin, we get many ban appeals from those who say they were wrongfully banned, or that the punishment of a perm/temp-ban is too harsh for something like a chat offense.
    My idea was if there were an official prison for "reforming" players, either a dedicated sector on each server, or even a separate server (though that would be a waste of a server), where major offending players are teleported instead of banishment, and the time spent in this sector depends on the severity of the offence. The rehabilitation chambers would include:

    • A lag-inducing chamber full of angry dog spawners, for hackers and banseekers
    • A pyscho ward with signs that say "There are no servers outside Dogecraft" for advertisers
    • A floor-is-lava room with a single platform, for major griefers
    • A kindergarten (emphasis on diversity and coexistence) for hate-speech, especially the dreaded n-bomb.
    • A basic ward with a sign that says "Think about what you have done" for other offenders.
    • Of course, every chamber is muted, because the last thing we want is for offenders to spam chat whilst in prison
    • To appeal out of prison, simply place your apology-signed book in the hopper at the other end of the room.
    • Visitors are allowed to watch the mayhem from behind the glass

    Note that this is one of my crazier ideas, and as such I'm not taking this too seriously on account of how far-fetched it is. However, it would be a much more reformative way of dealing with the onslaught of banseekers and other offenders. And if it doesn't work, by all means ban them anyway. At least they would know that they had their chance.

  • Admin

    Fun idea, but I think it's a little over the top. We should just enforce the rules and have them removed if they have no intention to play normally.

    -- As for "reforming" rule breakers, if they didn't want to play in the first place, it's pretty unlikely they'll change their stance on whether or not they want to play.

  • hahaha this is a crazy inventive idea xD I love it.. It would probably require more staff and more work than simply banning them however. Keep coming up with amazing ideas 😉

  • @VietnameeGuy I would work there myself lol

  • ngl I actually love the idea of giving people a chance and trying to reform the so they can actually see dogecraft. this way if you do successfully reform them then you would get a new potentially donating player.

  • Admin

    Or, a better way of reformation without us lecturing them on it:
    Getting banned, understanding, appealing and (potentially) getting it lifted.

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