Tools with colored names.

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    I think it would be cool if we were able to name our tools with color, it wouldn't change really anything but would be a cool addition. It could be a thing only accessible by certain ranks. (example plugin:

  • @chewcat1 Agreed. This would be much cool and very wow.
    Maybe even at higher ranks, we could somehow add lore too. Would make some interesting sales of tools and weapons in /ah.

  • Not possible since you could then create your own items that are used for custom crafting and other trading

  • Then why not block certain names for certain items to prevent the bypass from happening. I know Lady did this to Cookies so that they can only be obtained through the Halloween event. Trying to rename a biscuit never worked, because the anvil would not accept the name Cookie as it was blocked. Preventing emeralds from being called coloshite shouldn't be all that different, even with the correct font colour.

  • o.o can confirm lady had no such hand in the cookie jar... so to speak. Niko did all the items for the event including the restrictions on if items could be renamed? I wasn't aware if that was even restricted ( I did test to make sure regular cookies wouldn't work but I never thought about renaming them ) as far as I know for the event Niko had to custom make new items which I don't see him doing for every item someone wants recolored... though I do wish we could use different color codes there may be a reason we aren't allowed to - I'll add this to the meeting notes ^^

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