Freeing land in Survival

  • I have two proposals to free land in the survival world, which is right now rather congested.

    1. In addition to any claims being removed if other claims around it to be expand if their owner has been inactive for thirty days or more, there should be a substantially longer period where the claim will be removed regardless. If a player hasn't been on for a solid three months, they aren't very likely to come back.
    2. In addition to this, if a player is banned, and their appeals fail, their residences should be removed when the request comes.
      Although it may seem I am suggesting these ideas for special interest, as the survival server becomes more popular they may become more and more prominent as less and less room exists.

  • it slowly expanding the border that is.
    We also remove claims when people request them and they are older than 3 months (of player offline time)

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