Lobby Server Icons

  • The icon for Survival is a Grass Block, and the icon for Slimefun is a Slime Block. Both of these make sense.

    The icon for the Creative server is a bucket of lava.
    Why is it a bucket of lava? Lava is rarely ever used in Creative, and it's not a block so it looks out of place amongst the other icons.

    I believe the icon for Creative should be a Brick block, because Creative mode mainly focuses on building, and building with bricks is rare in Survival due to the scarcity of clay, but more common in Creative due to its aesthetic. Plus, it follows on from the other icons because it is a block.

    Once Skyblock is recommissioned, we should use a block icon that most accurately represents the server, such as Leaves, which both symbolises the air as well as produces saplings which are essential in Skyblock.

  • The icon for Creative has been changed to a brick block! Thank you!

  • lol I didn't even see this til after the change ( shows the owners are in fact lurkers 😉 ) but uh I bet they randomly just picked something. so good job making an impact on the server VG ^^ keep it up xD

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