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    Alright well now that my ban appeal has been denied, I see there's no returning now. But y'all should probably not be so surprised at the insults hurled at staff from less-than-composed disciplinee's that I see scrolling through threads, because though misbehavior warrants punishment, y'all are way harsher than I can understand the need for. You should understand that overly harsh punishment will yield overly harsh vitriol, just as an emotional reaction. Remember, most people in this game are fairly young.

    Now, I used to be staff on other servers, and would have no problem issuing punishments the second a toe stepped out of line. But I did something different than y'all: I made the crime fit the punishment consistently, something you staff may desire to consider in the future. Chat restrictions for chat offenses, temporary bans for temporary problems, and permanent bans for permanent assholes. Thank you.

  • I'm sorry, does this rant confirm you as a permanent asshole? Because the way you handled a new player, starting with a derogatory term that is clearly outlined in /rules as bannable, to your ban appeal, which was more hateful than it was helpful, leads one to wonder how you were ever able to gain staff permissions on other servers before coming here.
    The plaintiff in your case is adapting well to the Dogecraft community, no thanks to your negative input. Please rethink how you interact with others in the future.

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    Actually, a decent amount of players, either claim or are, over the age of 15 to high 20s. You can easily tell who is young and who is not based on how they ask about things and speak. Now, I can't say that these predictions are fault-proof, but it's a decent way of trying to guess the age. But honestly, harshness is something we hardly do. You've only really seen the warns/bans/mutes, but you don't see either the action (unless the action was public chat itself) or the cause of said action. So how can you reasonably say that we're being harsh without taking a look at what we do see in terms of grief and/or theft? People can probably get vague ideas based on what we converse through in chat, but it's what we see depends on our judgment.

    Now, I won't say everyone has perfect judgment, I don't, you don't, no one does, it's only really the matter of involvement. It's based on how involved you are with the person(s) in the case of matter. You claim to have made the crime fit the punishment, but that's an opinion, not a fact. A fact is that a staff member gave punishment if they broke the rules as you can see this with proof. When you claim that you made the crime fit the punishment, is just an arrogant term of giving yourself a pat on the back for a job you thought was well done. So this might be something you need to consider in the future. Thank you for listening, and please do note that you should really check over yourself next time before breaking the rules.

    Have a Good Day!

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