• Can someone tell me why they keep deleting posts on a forum with 10 users?

    Can someone tell me why the ban appeals are public?

    Can someone tell me why in the hell this server keeps banning people for hacking?

    Like seriously, get some protection, you could've had literally octuple your player base if you wouldn't ban everyone and actually took the time to get some protection. I had fun on the server while hacking, it was fun and actually worth playing. It says something about the economy of the server; it's shitty. Idk though, I'm only 16, what would a 16 year old know about Minecraft server. (Everything)

    Also, what the hell is up with these people saying that their brother got them banned? I saw an appeal to a ban because the player 'Releasing player info'. ??????? What in the world does that even mean.

  • I'm going to attempt to answer these questions with my own "observations". I will ignore the poll as it is a obvious attempt to attract unnecessary attention, much like caps and spam.

    Posts get deleted so that the public don't have to read the sometimes offensive, mostly redundant content that is within the deleted posts. Staff can still read the deleted posts for recording purposes, as well as for precedents to future cases.

    Ban appeals are public because some of us non-staff players want to read the appeals, and the staff are kind enough to let us read them. However they don't let us comment directly on the appeal, because the negative feedback from witnesses about the banned player would probably detract from the staff's final decision.

    The server bans people from hacking simply because hacking is for amateurs who cannot survive without the hacks, and that having hacks presents an unfair advantage over legitimate players who choose not to play with hacks for moral reasons. To play with hacks is to play at the detriment of the players around you, which is something this community won't stand for.

    As for your idea of automatic 'protection', Dogecraft does have a hack detector, but being a computer program it has its flaws, which is why the staff only allows it to kick people off the server. The actual bans come from the irrevocable proof that staff collect about a player's actions, because in the end, it is always better to judge offenders on a case-by-case basis and have them properly proven guilty, then to have an unthinking AI ban innocents by accident.

    Finally, it is an accepted idea that Minecraft was made for all players, and age is hardly considered to be a measure of experience. But to say that you know everything about Minecraft despite 'being only 16' is a sign of both arrogance and ignorance. As an alleged 16 year old, you should know better than to judge a server's economy when as a hacker you never attempted to cooperate with it. Consider yourself lucky that this server allowed you to have fun, because trying to get yourself banned is a disgusting form of entertainment that none of us want anything to do with.

    PS. Blaming an offence on a younger brother taking over the account is a common excuse, and is not accepted on the grounds of taking responsibility over one's own actions.

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    Hello there Superblaze27, I shall be here to look over your... observations with my own answers or my own observations. Now, let's go on.

    Ahem, as Viet has posted above, we delete the forum posts only if they're either unacceptable (such as ad spam or as basically derogatory posts that are either specifically aimed at someone or just, in general, a derogatory post) or we don't have any use of them and they hold little to no purpose anymore (such as if a ban appeal was spammed multiple times, we don't need 12 Ban Appeals when only one of them has the information.)

    As for why Ban Appeals are public, is mainly so that people can either review what that said person has done so they can avoid similar consequences, or how I personally see it, as a way of showing that we do hold the rules and people do receive punishment if they try and go around the rules. So basically, at least in my opinion, shows them as examples.

    Oh my, asking why a server bans people for hacking? Oh dear me, why would ANY server ban someone for hacking? May it be, they get a huge advantage compared to everyone else? Could it be, that they are playing unfairly? Could it be that it's against the rules, not only here, but in a plethora of servers? What could it possibly be? I'll answer it, it was all of the above. Hacking is universally looked down upon in Minecraft Servers, there may be a few exceptions, but it's definitely looked down upon. Yes, hacking can be fun, but like most things in life, there is a time and place for everything, and hacking isn't on a multiplayer server that has hacking/giving yourself an unfair advantage over players is against the rules. Since you've ran a server, you totally understand this, no?

    Ah yes, the good old: "I'm 16 and I understand the world and in no way I'm wrong." Ignorance is bliss as I always say. Now then, as I said previously, hacking can be fun, but it's a power that you shouldn't abuse, and it's a power that has a time and a place. The time and place were not ever, and place being on this server. But I think you already know that you know everything in Minecraft! I don't know why I ever thought about replying! Oh my goodness! I'm still doing it! Silly me.

    The brother getting them banned is either a common excuse or a probable cause. But it mainly means when their sibling got onto the computer and got them banned from the server by doing things that are against the rules. But this can also be a cover up on what they did, trying to get unbanned by their own faults. As for releasing player info... well I think you already know what that means, Mr. I Know Everything In Minecraft.

    Now then, I must take my leave, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you teach me something in the future as you seem to know everything. Good-bye!

    Have a Great Day!

  • Really bruh?

  • Perhaps my post came out a little more harsh than I had meant, but I still stand with my original post.

    Though I actually do enjoy reading ban appeals, I feel as if they should be private to protect people's privacy. I think it would be a classy decision, especially since this server has such a nice forum site utilizing NodeBB. (Amazing job with the forum, I'm obsessed with Node.js and NodeBB's software.)

    I understand hacking is for amateurs, I was suggesting that you maybe use a better hacking prevention plugin, or maybe tweak the economy a little bit. Sometimes hacking is fun, which is why people do it! On SpigotMC, there's an x-ray plugin that gives people an x-ray like experience when given the correct permissions.

    When I said I know everything about Minecraft 'servers' I was simply implying that my age group has played Minecraft for many years and that I am very aware of what servers are successful and which ones aren't. I would say it's safe to assume that my age group plays the absolute most. In my eyes, Dogecraft could have a lot bigger player-base if they tweaked a couple of things. I am also in fact a dev; I make spigot plugins. I have not released any because quite honestly, I'm just too damn lazy, and there are already plugins and Skripts that do what my plugins do.

    I have not been on the Dogecraft server in a while, therefore my observations about the server itself may be a little bit outdated.

    In my eyes, the customer know's whats best in some situations, hopefully nobody took any real offense to my post, as the poll was merely a joke.


  • Cheating ? don't cheat it only gets you so far in life.
    Appeals are public because why not make someone that broke the rules ashamed of what they did. If their appeal is accepted the post is moved to old posts which you can not see.
    Posts are not getting deleted they are getting moved to OLD posts only a few staff can see.
    We have an anticheat protection but we do not want to put in an anti-xray plugin beacuse they are just plain buggy.

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    Your main problem is arrogance. Also, the customer is a lot of times, very, very, wrong. I literally work retail and when someone says: "The customer is always right" it's just them being incredibly ignorant of their own position. The customer is as right as anyone that isn't part of the company at the time of being.

    Either way, the servers are mainly based on survival. So an X-Ray plugin/hack or really any hacks really defeat the purpose of Survival, fun or not. Seriously, what's the fun of: Oh wow, I can see every ore and not work for it.

  • @OGKWolf It's out of respect for the customer. Hopefully you realize that and can apply it to real life for the better of your job and all customers around you.

    Once again, hacking is fun and it's been proven. Hypixel's Watchdog bans thousands of people a week. There are definitely more people banned from their server than not banned-- stats don't lie.

    Hacking comes from people who play Minecraft very often and have gotten bored over the years. Or it simply comes because they have no respect for the server, but I think that's rare, considering most people appeal to bans and won't hack again and get banned. Perhaps it comes from curiosity.

    Either way, people will always hack. In fact, I would argue that smarter people probably hack servers, and I don't mean that as in "Oh wow I know how to download a hacked client". It goes deeper than that. I mean that they are probably extremely good with computers and have a ton of knowledge about them. Good or bad, that's for you to decide.

    Instead of banning people from your server, why don't just freak them out and tell them in the moment that they are cheating or come up with some other creative method? Idk, I'm not he owner, that's also up for you to decide.

    I only say this because there have been so many bans from this server and the player base is suffering.


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    You do know that like... 90% of the people who hack learned it from Google right? There's literally tutorials.

    Also, wait til you get a job kiddo, you'll learn the customer is always right quote is just a lie.

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