Alterations to /spawn

  • Some suggestions to changes in the Spawn area.

    • Change the teleporting locations to a solid block. Teleporting to standing on a transparent block (eg Beacon, carpet, halfslab etc) whilst lagging causes players to phase through the ground and die of suffocation.

    • Change the door permissions to true. There are areas in the village that require trapdoor usage for crawling and players cannot access without the permission to use doors.

    • Have an entrance to the world outside so we don't have to tell every newcomer to use /rtp. Possibly ask Klarence to build a road to it, they already built roads around it.

    • Improve the quiz by giving it more questions that teleport the player to different rooms in the village. Add questions about both vanilla and plugin stuff, and have wrong answers return players to the boat so they can read the posters again.

    • Increase the number of anvils at Enchanting, or have a system that automatically replaces the anvils when they get used up.

    • Magenta glazed terracotta arrows on the floor to lead new players from the boat to the quiz.

  • Changing the teleportation block is a really good idea (I know lady will agree with me on that xD), but I don't think an entrance outside to the world would be very helpful since most of the outside of spawn is claimed.

    On the point of improving the quiz, I don't think players should be able to just ~waltz~ on past it into the spawn village and skip the actual tutorial part. I don't mind it being just the one question, but making it so that players can't just skip it immediately would be kind of nice.

    The way through the new player area is pretty self-explanatory in my opinion and shouldn't need the arrows. but yeah, the amount of players I see not answering the question and running past is -=kinda concerning=-.

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    @Skreelookabee 100%. I have no idea why, but it seems like 60% of newbies to the server are ALSO newbies to Minecraft or multiplayer in general. It's pretty repetitive giving the same info over and over. Or at least, it was >_>

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    I started to have everything a copy paste for newbies.

  • In the last server I was playing before Dogecraft, I had built a Tutorial Tower at the world spawn, which caught any newly joined players and taught them the 5 steps to surviving Minecraft (as well as displaying a few basic crafting recipes via item frames).
    Of course, most noobs, assuming that Minecraft is too easy for a tutorial, jump off the tower and get killed by the first skeleton they see in a dark cave whilst punching stone.

    On what @Skreelookabee said about preventing players from running past the quiz, maybe we can set up "one-way walls" in the village, like fences and railings that are too high for players to jump over from one side, but have a stair on the other side for veterans to be able to travel backwards. Have areas in the village sectioned off and use these areas for different questions in the quiz. Players would be free to explore the area they are in, as well as the ones behind them, but cannot move forward to the next area until they answer correctly in the quiz. I'm thinking of something similar to the parkour challenge in the Halloween event, but testing knowledge rather than parkour.

  • Just recently we had a wave of extremely 'new to minecraft' players, who instead of even attempting to explore the spawn area, just sat in the boat and started pestering the chat for favours. For this reason we should have foolproof signage like the magenta arrows, that would lead them through the spawn area to the random teleport at the end.

  • I've already said a few times I want a tutorial where they have to -claim- land before they can even talk in chat xD just like. super simple click -here- and -here- and type -this- would weed out bots as well as people who can't read things ( like the rules... ) ^^; right now I know they are working on more important things like getting creative and skyblock released but don't worry i have all this written down for sure 🙂

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