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  • Just very curious about how banning works, seeing as I haven't been banned before and I don't intend to find out the hard way.

    1. When someone is temp banned, does the 3 day timer start from when the ban was issued, or from when the offender logs in and finds out they are banned? Is it possible for someone to not know they were banned because they were off-line for more than 3 days already?
    2. Is the duration of a ban 3 days calendar-wise, or 3 days worth of online time (eg. 24 days if someone is logged on for 3 hours a day and had to wait out their ban on a different world)
    3. Would those who have been banned from the server have limited access to the discord channel and forum? (Like there needs to be a secondary ban to prevent further interaction with chat offenders)
    4. What happens to /res belonging to perm banned players? Do they stay abandoned forever or is there like some form of auction to clear out the area? Or does the land get reset like in /resource?
    5. Is it possible to retrieve stolen items from a temp/perm banned player other then them giving it back in person?
    6. Does mute work like a server-wide ignore, or does it actually inform the offending player that whatever they are typing in chat will not be displayed? Also does mute extend to signs and item-naming?
    7. How many offenses does it take for someone to be deemed liable for a ban, taking the type of offense and the situation into consideration?

  • I apologise for asking a lot of questions and I totally understand if this doesn't get answered.

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    Speaking from first-hand experience, the timer begins at the moment of the ban. If you get banned while being online, you get kicked with a ban message so you'd know. Otherwise, if you log off before the ban goes through, you could perhaps be oblivious if you are gone for the duration of the ban.
    The duration of the ban is measured in real-life days. It is counted of course down to the second, with the remaining time showing as days:hours:minutes if you attempt to log on once banned.

    Banned persons can (currently) access the discord and forum uninhibited, as I have been doing since my own ban lol.
    I would assume the res is intact until manually dismantled, and hopefully there would be some grace period given so a ban could be appealed and a player could assume their property once more.
    Someone with enough power, possibly admin depending on the server ( but I don't know here, it may be an operator only power) can view any player's data, including balance, inventory and ender chest. Retrieval is only a matter of policy, not ability. You'd have to ask the upper level staff.
    Haven't been muted here, but on other servers it sends the offending player a message when they try to talk that reminds them they are muted. It does not extend to signs and anvil/name tag naming, but I'm unsure about the [item] function.
    I got permabanned within a minute or two after a single (rather mild) chat offense so take that how you will.

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    Ban timers start as soon as the command of the banned person is placed in. It is also possible for someone to not realize they were banned if they logged on after their ban timer is up. If it sends a message or not that you were banned, I'm not so sure. As for how long the ban is in terms of time, depending on how long, reflects the IRL time. So 1 day bans are a full 24 hours in real life.

    As for the after ban, they can speak in discord, but if they speak in the Survival, Slimefun, or Skyblock chats, they will have further consequences as it is considered ban evasion in a sense. But we can take the perms away if needed.

    As for the residence, I'm still still not 100% sure on what happens, but I can guess that we do eventually unclaim the res. As for the item thing, that's a Mod+ thing and I'm not so sure about it. The mute wont let the player send a message, but will allow them to send commands. /msg, /r are not part of these commands as they are messages. This does not prevent them from making signs, books, or naming items, but if they're found doing so, it is considered mute evasion and further consequences will happen.

    Now, the action depends on the severity of the punishment. But for normal stuff, 4 warnings and then a ban will happen for a day. But again, it depends on the severity of the action.

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    @OGKWolf mute should (99% sure it does) affect /msg and /r

  • Admin

    @OGKWolf yeah just tested it does affect /msg and /r

  • @VietnameeGuy as for the res it depends. if it was THE REASON they got banned ( illegal set ups etc ) it might be taken down asap. Depending on what the person did the same 30 days of inactivity rules can apply. If someone is perma banned and appealed and got denied their land might be available more readily. As for how many bans.. If you become someone we notice has to be warned every time they get unbanned? If you become a subject of staff discussions... You may be up for consideration. It isn't a set number at the moment but say if you have 10+ warns in a week etc, if you are constantly getting in trouble and can't seem to understand the rules then please be aware staff are likely discussing you.
    Mute players can reply to messages and send PM's ( idk about party or group chat ) but using discord to talk in survival chat while you are "being punished" to avoid the punishment will increase said punishment. ( if you are temp ban this might result in perma ban for ban evasion ).

    The reason we don't have this more clearly detailed on the site is because we take everyone on a case by case situation. We do have a general guide to follow "verbal warning, if they don't stop actual warning, if they don't stop after than mute or kick depending on the offense. temp and perma bans usually happen after these other steps have failed to stop the situation. There are a few major BAD things players can do to be perma banned but those are outlined in the rules 🙂 it's more than fine to be curious btw! we know you as a good player and being a good player you haven't had any of these experiences xD

  • Thank you to all the repliers! My curiosity is now satisfied

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