Ban appeal

  • Banned

    What is your in-game name? Skystrike7
    What date were you banned? 11-09-2019
    Who banned you? BjoerenBrandborg (edit: current ban is set by rocko49139)
    Why were you banned? "n-word"
    Why do you want to be unbanned? Explanation below.
    Provide a screenshot that is presented when trying to login to DogeCraft

    Hey so I got banned for "n-word" at about 4am today when I said something to the effect of , "n____ I've been playing since release 1.0", the offending word in question spelled with 2 b's and an a, which is a well-known internet term for addressing someone casually in the second-person point of view, while avoiding the pejorative or discriminatory meaning of the word. I was given no warning or anything, we were just having a lighthearted conversation with a couple of the few people online at the time. I've been on the server for a couple months, I'm not some server-hopping troll looking to antagonize. And I definitely wasn't offending anybody present or being racist. I'd like to be able to definitively say that I hadn't even broken any actual rule, however that's tough to prove since the rule book is in my chest in-game and the rules are apparently not listed on this website anywhere that I see.

    I've seen some pretty foul language get thrown around frequently in the chat with staff present, which is consistent because I know that occasional swearing is "OK", so I had no reason to suspect I'd get outright BANNED for 3 days (the entire weekend) just for that offhand comment. I don't think it deserved a ban, but out of respect for the server/staff, in the future I will avoid using any similar word or variation.

    I'm kinda hoping I can get right back on pretty soon because it's the weekend, and I don't get much time to play during the week so...

    edit 11-09-2019 1:25 pm, : OH MAN OH WOW NIIIICE so apparently sometime after I posted this appeal, I got PERMABANNED! Not gonna lie, that's a little infuriating and senseless in my opinion. 2d7769d8-00c7-4dbc-ae2b-30999957db88-image.png

    I decided to look on the discord to see what was said in-game after I got kicked and banned. I think the context should make any reasonable person sympathetic to my cause. here: down.PNG n.PNG
    annoying.PNG umm excuse me memos but 80% of my chat was in helping a newbie (merru), how dare you call me annoying changed it.PNG

    Edit 11/10/2019 11:34pm: So I was browsing the forum and happened upon this thread, and saw something by ladyanime mentioning "anything resembling the n-word is a ban". I did not know about this beforehand, again as the way I used it was not in an offensive or explicit manner so I thought nobody would care. So if that's your policy then by all means just let me know that you won't forgive it and that I'm utter scum for even asking, so I can quit wasting my time holding out hope for staying here and go find another server. But I'd like to be given another chance with this one, as I rather like it and accumulated a decent amount of hours on it.

  • Although you did it unknowingly, we cant unban you.

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