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    I feel like the rules on afk auto farms should be changed on this server. At the moment they are very frowned upon. I can see why they aren't liked, people think they create lag, and some people think they are too OP. But in truth most farms don't create lag(0 tick farms do so i'm not including them in this), and the amount of work that is put in to design and build one of these farms is sometimes more than just to do it manually. Just because a few people think they aren't OK, I don't think they should be banned. I believe that if you have a donor rank you should be able to use it to sit at your farm and afk(I still think afk pools still shouldn't be allowed). I hope that this can be taken into consideration, and maybe some conversation on it too.

  • I would like to add a statement that says, 0 tick farms do not create server side lag, only client side lag, which has been proven over and over all around the internet, on various discussions.
    Not to say that it should be okay, because ofc client side lag is annoying, but just to clear up any confusion around this particular subject.

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    @Encro_ it’s illegal under the reason of “duping”

  • @Rocko49139 yes im aware, i just wanted to clear up the confusion.

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