• As I have been going through and looking at the ban appeal requests i have noticed a lot of bans from Rocko. This statement applies to me as well, and i had no ecplanation for why I was banned. It seems, that Rocko is being very childish and irresponsible. He constantly comes in through discord making innapropriate jokes, and cussing incredibly too much/ I have also noticed that he seems to abuse his power and bully others for not being a mod.

  • Nobody cares. Rocko doesn't abuse his power, you're just a whiny 9 year old that got a 24 hour ban, for honestly something that you should've been banned for longer for. You stole tons of stuff and rocko has evidence. Just go harass another server.

  • I can vouch for Rocko too, he's super vigilant and all his bans are warranted for. If you got banned by him, you were clearly in the wrong.
    The mods on this server have access to block placement history, so they would know if you had accessed a chest before. All they needed was your victims to report that their stuff was missing.
    If you really wanted to avoid this happening, you should have read the /rules.

  • Admin

    @LetsGoLandon awee you made two posts about me!! Thank you for all the love ❤ I’ll see you 11hrs and 31 minutes:)

  • Admin

    Some of these responses are a little unnecessary, they're clearly annoyed they're banned:

    I doubt Rocko's made a mistake here, if you plan to complain further consider the following:

    • Does a sibling have access to my account?
    • Am I being honest? Lying will not get you unbanned.
    • Does an unknown person have access to my account? (change password if this is the case, highly unlikely though).

    We understand you're frustrated because you're banned, but complaining will get you no where unfortunately.

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