My Temp build in Resource

  • What is your in-game name? VietnameeGuy
    Player you are reporting: Multiple people involved
    What type of rules was this player breaking (Hacking, spamming, advertising, etc.)?
    Minor grief/vigilantism by placement of signs. Unauthorised build of pathway from house to water. Chest stolen inside house ceiling.
    How long was he breaking the rules for? Unknown, just found out now
    Screenshots/video of the player breaking rules?

    Disclaimer: I am fully aware of the reminder not to build in /resource, which was created for the purpose of deterring players from setting up permanent residences which would be removed during a reset. This build is temporary, and was only meant as a landmark/teleport location for the mine beneath it, which is free for anyone to dig. However, I thought that this community was better than stealing chests and altering builds that aren't their own without prior consent, and for this reason I am merely disappointed.

  • This isnt the first time it happens to you, dont have valuable stuff in resource world.

  • @Brandborg The chest isn't full of valuables, just debris from excavation and spare wood. Still a bit peeved that ppl would do these things without asking around first.

  • @VietnameeGuy You can't really expect people to not grab free stuff that nobody expects for anyone to need, it's basic human nature haha

  • As of a fortnight ago, I have since removed the build, but I am maintaining the area itself as a spawn spot (I placed a sign here to let people know to not tp trap) . I will not be pursuing the players who griefed my previous build, hence this case is closed.

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