Report /residences

  • We should open up a new section in forum to report /res that:

    • are taking up too much space for no reason.
    • contain inappropriate content
    • are griefing by obstructing other residences
    • use permissions that are detrimental to visitors
    • are /tp traps
    • belong to players who are no longer active or banned from server
      There are a lot of new players who /rtp into someone's /res, and are offended one way or another because they have not yet learned the basics of /res. We also have regular players who are either restricted from building in areas, or are owners of said areas and restricting others. By naming these /res on forum, other players may help to inspect the res in question and help determine the action to take, either changing perms, contracting the /res to a proper size, or removing it outright.
      Note that this forum should never be used against active builds, and especially not server landmarks (popular /res that are used by a large percentage of the server population).

    Report Format

    Reporter Username:
    Res Name:
    Res Owner Name:
    Res Owner Last Active: (/seen, as of date of report)
    Size of Res: (/res info)
    Biome type:
    Contains player-made Buildings?
    Reason for report:

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