/vote is not rewarding me

  • Ever since the new vote system was implemented, i have not been receiving any rewards for voting. I have voted on all six sites by accessing the portal website outside of the game, and all the votes are correctly done, but the server still believes I haven't voted yet, and would constantly remind me to /vote when I had already done so. In the meantime, other players have been receiving rewards already, even those who have recently joined, so it may be just me that has this issue.

  • no, its everyone voting offline is currently broken.

  • Confirming what Niko said earlier, rewards will only be given if I am currently logged into the server at the time I am voting.
    Hopefully voting offline does get fixed eventually; it is a lot more convenient to vote when unable to play, rather than spend precious gaming time being afk to vote.

  • Has this been fixed yet? Logging in just to vote is getting quite tedious, and going afk to vote is equally time consuming.

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