• I suggest we get a new zone in survival for Build Tournaments, which is basically a field much like /pvp but with multiple plots similar to /blackmarket.
    Each plot is a chunk with one layer of flat grass, containing a doublechest with a limited amount of materials, a crafting table and a stonecutter.
    Each month a theme is announced, and players may build within a plot, either in teams or solo, given a 2 week time limit. The builds are judged on a certain day, winners receive a bounty that can be split amongst the members, and the world resets for the next Tournament.

  • I do like this idea.. it would be easier if it was in a world like creative 🙂 due to space limitations in survival... but also it would give everyone the same playing field ( fly and no outside items etc ) ..however!! we have to be careful about who is judging. while it would be easy for the lead architect to say "I love this I hate that" it might be more fun for the players to cast their votes? 🙂 I love the ideas tho VG keep it up xD

  • I just got a massive epiphany. Instead of a mere arena attached to Survival, why not a fully fledged server?
    EDIT: Now that I'm reading it over, seems I just reworded what LadyAnime said, silly me.

    A superflat near-vanilla world on creative mode where people are given one chunk to build an incarnation of the current month's theme, and after two weeks, people are gifted multiple named diamonds which they will use to vote on their favourite build. The best thing is that because it is a separate server, nothing can be smuggled to or from the other worlds.
    Going with the current pattern of all servers starting with "S", we could call this one "StructWars" or something.

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