Tempestline's Ban appeal aka Jimbond13 and probably one of the biggest ban appeal in Doge history (i think)

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    What is your in-game name? Tempestline also know as Jimbond13
    What date were you banned? October 10th, 2019
    Who banned you? rocko49319
    Why were you banned? Ban evasion (jimbond13) which make no sense because i have already get ban appeal.
    Why do you want to be unbanned? Quick revise i just have this account because Jimbond13 was my brother account and we share it. So here's the reason: Firstly, i did nothing wrong when i playing as Tempestline and i dont even mention to rocko about the fact that i am Jimbond13, we were having fun last night and when i wake up i have already banned for BAN EVASION?. Secondly, my Jimbond13 account got banned for auto click not being a criminal so i wonder why rocko treated me as a criminal he even ban me at discord. Here's the proof
    And this is my minecraft proof when trying to log into dogecraft server:
    The kazekasai account was my friend minecraft account asking why did i got banned as Jimbond13 but it end up got banned for evasion. But this time i want to said it clear, i did NOT telling rocko about the fact that im Jimbond13 when im playing as TempestLine and i BELIEVE that you can play as a new account because in this new account i haven't done ANYTHING wrong but then i got banned because of my old account Jimbond13 got banned (but then got appeal) which make absolute no sense.
    So in conclusion, even if im going to fullfill my promise is to vote and contribute to this server, rocko doesn't even let me do it. I mean start a new account mean lost all hunters levels, ranks and balance but in the end i got banned.
    What i want is that, get my account Tempestline get unbanned on doge server and all of my jimbond13 res in game such as : /res tp jim,.. so i can keep playing on this amazing server and VOTE as i promise and the promise of getting perms ban if i ever auto click again. Also i want you to reconsider rocko being helper and having my discord account: ClarkJeter unbanned from the discord server (which i still dont know why i got ban, everything i do in discord is just asking how to get ban appeal and do normal chat)
    Here is the proof of me as Jimbond13 ( so i can take have my res back in Tempest account)
    Sorry it has to have watermake due to the fact that many people may still it (i will send niko the unwatermark version in discord)

  • Admin


    You weren't unbanned, your ban was reduced, therefore it is still active. This is ban evasion.

    alt text

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