Why cant we open rp?

  • Why cant we open rp? like, me and my friend were running a kfc and everyone was having so much fun, but then the staff started threatening with mutes and its kind of stupid. I think we should be able to open rp bcs its just really fun, sure its survival but you guys have these food heads so why not use them? and we were just running a food shop, it wasnt like it was over pg-13 or anything, nothing bad was happening and we were all just having a good time!

  • @KJK239 Hello~ actually there's a few rules that apply here. Looking back it seems like chat was being flooded by nothing but this role play situation. We ask that RP be kept to party chat for this reason, some RP can make people feel uncomfortable and while I don't think that was the case here.. The other rule that would apply is if someone asked for the subject to be changed.. I'm glad you were having so much fun with the game but the majority of our players are in general chat for various other reasons. Thank you for understanding. We are hoping to get more chat features soon that will make this easier for everyone 🙂 please be patient while we work hard to make that happen 😄

  • ok sorry for the trouble then

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