Childish mod

  • Hello,
    My in-game name is ThomasB2003
    I was banned on the 5th October 2019
    i was banned by rocko49139
    Apologies for any inconvenience that reading this may have upon your day; however myself and a friend of mine were recently banned. I would like the ban to be removed as i feel the ban was unjust; Me and a fellow player were having an intellectual conversation in chat and he said that and i quote "humans are a niggardly species" and the childish mod, as he clearly did not understand the language we were using, banned my friend for quote "saying the n word". out of disgust i quickly wrote out the definition to "niggardly" and then stated we were merely having an intellectual conversation and that "niggardly" was in fact used in the correct context as it has no connection to the derogatory term we were both banned for apparently saying.
    I would like to be no longer banned as me and my friends have made a lot of progress and this ban was unjust in my opinion.
    This Screenshot shot

    Edit: as for what I Said was something along the lines of “niggardly” was used in the correct context and that my friend should be unbanned

  • @thomasb2003 said in Childish mod:


    Please quote the sentence it was used in.

  • @Niko302 said in Childish mod:


    Your ban has been lifted.
    Although your appeal was inappropriate and you have been temp-banned for another 3 days

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