Custom Armor

  • Like how we have Crimson pick and Draconic pick, etc. Why not do the same with armor? It would give the community something else to do and name the armor after Crimson and Draconic so it matches! Hope you guys can do something like this.

  • I think this would be pretty cool, but would interfere with PVP.
    Would definitely like this but It could probably never be, due to its one sided fight against new comers.

  • tbh with my current armor i was in a 3v1 and still i didnt die, but i dont take pvp serious xD and my acrobatics are over 1000 so dodge was seen with all the attacks made against me

  • pls, this would be much fun.

  • uhhh to be fair the only reason PvP isn't totally one sided right now is that CE aren't working... xD I love the idea of another in game goal for players to work towards 🙂

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