Voting For Ranks???

  • Honestly, it's not fair for someone like me that couldn't get internet at the time that the server switched to 1.14.4 and added requirements of votes just to get Mastery with 500 votes which is 3 months of solid votes. If we were notified before it happens, it would have encouraged us to vote consistently. I worked so hard just to get to General and I was close to get Mastery. As soon as it was added, I lost hope on getting Mastery. Hopefully you can lower the votes to 250 for Mastery and get rid of the first 3 ranks for vote requirements (Credit to MadamWillow) because if a new player suddenly join and has to be forced to vote to get the first rank, they'll easily give up and leave.

  • Applied your suggestion

  • Admin

    @Kamikxze said in Voting For Ranks???:

    "they'll easily give up and leave."

    Interesting point, a lot of survival servers force you to vote just to get ranks. Lots of examples, not going to go through them, point is, at least 100+ dedicated players didn't get up and leave upon learning this, it merely gave them an incentive to vote.

  • I mean, I didn't even know I had to vote to get ranks until i tried to rank up
    , so I also considered giving up, I think you could have more players if u do consider Kamis suggestion.

  • @KJK239 We already did 2 days ago

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