Missing Reinforced Emerald Blocks

  • Probably about 15 minutes ago, I started the process of crafting Reinforced Emerald Blocks inside my base and started placing them on the 8th slot in my inventory, the 9th slot being where I placed 8 Reinforced Diamond Blocks I've made before. As I was about to craft the 12th Reinforced Emerald Block, the other 11 seemed to have disappeared from my 8th slot. I checked around to see if I've dropped it, being that anything in the special crafting menu drops whenever you exit it, but they're nowhere to be found.

    I have no proof to show as this situation presented itself accidentally, aside from an empty Shulker Box that used to have 10 stacks of Emeralds now missing due to the crafting session.

    Note: I asked Brandborg shortly after and was told that Clear Lag ran through the server at almost the same time I asked him about the situation.

  • Can at the very least confirm I know this was happening. I hope this can be resolved soon - is there a way to make it so advanced crafting doesn't just dump everything like that? or more importantly that those items be put on the list of "won't be deleted by clear lag" etc?

  • We do not have clearlag

  • What did Brand tell me then? Either way, I lost items, and I very well want them back. Or at least a sense of how I lost them, if they can't be returned within reason.

    Edit: Thanks for accommodating/resolving Niko.

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