Perks for Jobs Suggestions

  • Hey Ladies & Gentlemen
    I need some perk suggestions for the jobs please hit me up with some. 😄

  • Fishing perk: Craft bucket fish
    Explorer perk: Feather falling
    Builder perk: Access to barrier blocks
    Digger perk: Dual wield shovel

  • Dual wield shovel, how exactly is that supposed to work haha? @VietnameeGuy

  • Helper

    I think if we overhauled all of the jobs then people may gravitate to different options, since some are incomplete many feel as though that is not a real option. The jobs I see that need a change are the following:

    Builder lvl 100: /through (a command that allows you to phase though walls)

    Blacksmith lvl 50: (since we are not 100% certain on whether /ce will return the current blackscroll crafting doesnt fully work and when you open the blackscroll coin you lose the coin and it doesnt give anything in return) I have an idea for blacksmith but its pretty farfetched maybe the ability to change spawners with spawneggs at lvl 150 while bumping forward the other rewards. this would semifix the issue with spawner circulation but also damage the monitary kits where specific spawners are added. Another idea could be the introduction of this plugin for crafting different block with other blocks example maybe 9 coral to make a sponge or something.

    Farmer lvl 50: find a way to fix autoreplant or replace with autofarming plugin ( in the case where the autofarming replaces the current autoreplanting then i suggest bumping this ability to make auto farms to lvl 100+ and bump forward the other benefits
    Digger lvl 100: chance to obtain lucky eggs, vote keys, or other items that people have a hard time obtaining at low percent while digging
    Explorer lvl 75: nofall?
    Fisherman lvl 100: advanced fishing (change what people can fish out of the water after lvl 100. example instead of fishing up music discs and damaged armor maybe fishing up heart of the sea, nautilus shells, damaged tridents, beacons, and possibly finding doge crate keys at a very low percent)

    additionally this would also be interesting if able to apply something similar to the post below as well.

  • Taking out the buffs for haste, fire res, speed or anything else we get with custom enchants would be a step in the right direction. digger for 50 could get /top. instead of haste they could have /heal at 75. the real problem comes with the 150 job perks since these are end goals. I do agree with Willow about a /thru for builders but I think it would also be neat if they could have access to the item filter at some point ( maybe 150? ) . crafter could get exp for crafting at some point or maybe b able to make soulbinders at like 150. explorer could get night vision and waterbreathing... it would be really cool if at some level ever job had the ability to get more money from the job at like 125? incentive to gain more levels... then 150 would be the big Bois. I do like the idea of crafting things we can only get in vote crates like spawn eggs? obviously not all spawn eggs but a plug-in maybe only available to certain Jobs ( farmer?? ) that could craft passive spawn eggs like sheep and cows etc
    Also!! blacksmith being able to do -something- with failed dust since it's useless. like recrafting it into something useful ? thanks for your time ^^

  • @OneRitzyWillow @LadyAnime @VietnameeGuy i will take all suggestions under consideration, and hopefully be able to live up to the general publics expectations. if not please just @me on discord or something when i finally get around to the finished product.

  • @OneRitzyWillow
    Also some of the suggestions are potentially economy breaking just an fyi, so idk how happy niko will be about them.

  • Helper

    i understand, its a fair point that many ideas can be seen as possibly eco breaking. I believe this would still need further discussion anyways. I dont expect any idea I put forward to be 100% guarenteed but I will push ideas out as i get them

  • @Encro_ Dual wield shovel - The ability to use the dig function of the shovel in the offhand (eg shovel pick combo, shovel sword combo etc.) Combine the speed of shovel digging with any main hand tool.
    If shovels are in both hands, we get twice the speed of regular digging and half the cooldown on the superdigging power.

  • Chewy came up with this alchemist 150 able to craft haste 3 potions 😄 that would DEF make people want to be alchemist ( almost no one is atm )

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