hoppers into cshops

  • Hello just wanted to make an official post about this. I had heard hoppers into cshops used to be a thing but isn't anymore ( was told people found a way to get into the hoppers? ) but uh I think that would still be a very neat thing to have again. It can be hard to keep just one double chest stocked and while I could have 15 double chests for the same thing that starts to be cluttered and not as nice looking ( plus it lags me a little the most cshops are in the area ). Also it would be REALLY neat if we ould have cshops that sold things "FREE" so we could have the option of buying things from the player and selling them for free without having to set up multiple chests...

    Another side note is that I think it would amazing if admins had the power to remove cshops. Especially in the case of the player becoming perma banned or becoming inactive. ( less demand on our wonderful owner to do what is some trivial tasks )

    Anyways even if it isn't possible thank you for your time 🙂

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