Improving the Land Protector Tool

  • The land protector is probably the most necessary beginners tool in Dogecraft. However, due to new players constantly skipping the land claim tutorial poster, they go out into the wild via /rtp, build their much awesome house, and THEN ask for help in land claiming. Sending them back to the tutorial would in most cases mean they may lose the location of their house, so more experienced players are usually brought in to personally teach them. I have even seen a case where one player used their land protector as furnace fuel, not knowing its importance until much later.

    I propose the following:

    • Add a lore description to the land protector wooden hoe, either basic instructions on how to use it, or the phrase "type /res help for more info"
    • Edit /res help to include user friendly-instructions on land claiming, teleporting and listing on the first page
    • A better location and design for the tutorial poster, since new players seem to skip it so easily. Probably advertise how land protection works against creepers.
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