The Head Shop

  • Minecraft has a great collection of heads for decorations, and this is evident in the magnificent interior design of Dogecraft's lobby. Unfortunately, the only way to access this collection is through commands, which are not available to the public. As a result, players with access to commands may be harassed by others to provide heads on the spot.

    If there were an in-game shop that sold the popular decorations, such as chests, cakes and pets, whoever owned the shop would make a killing, even if the heads were sold at a cheap price, since they would get full profits from it. They may also charge a premium for specific requests if they want to.

    There is a whole new market available to the select few who can generate heads. It would be a waste to not have these heads more readily available for the creativity of the public.

  • Heads are available if you have the crafter job, I think level 25. Check /jobs

  • In that case, I kindly recommend all Crafters to make and advertise their Head Shops, so that popular heads are readily available to those tho aren't Crafters.
    It would be unfair for Crafters to have to give these away on demand for free.

  • @VietnameeGuy Well, there was a player that used to have a shop with probably every requested head. That was before the shops were removed. So probably once the new shop area gets available you could ask someone that has this perk, to be the main seller or something 😛

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